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  In the shack: My HF Rig
•   For HF, a TS930, now many years old, I've had it a long time and I am too fond of it to part with it, at least for now. It is fully fitted with all the (additional) really tight filters, so its great for closing in on a CW signal.

For VHF, a TR9130, I've had it even longer.  My VHF Rig


On the road:

A dual band Kenwood TM732E which again I have had for many years

My mobile rig

Out and about:
For UHF/VHF a Yaesu VX7R which I bought in 2003

My 3 band handie

QTH=Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE England, UK . QTHR in RSGB Logo & Link to Call Book.
QTHR in Buckmaster Call Listings and The QRZ Callsign Database

There isn't any point in me providing links to a host of other amateur radio
pages when others have already done it better than I could. Follow this link for more - - -
Andy (G7KPF) UK Amateur Radio Quick Links

Here are a few links relevant to me in some way or other:

This is where I have lived for the past 35 years. Our local football team. The XYL is the supporter. This is a fairly recent interest of mine, but wonderful fun with wonderful people..  I built this website to encourage other SOTA activators into the Scottish Borders region.

Newcastle City Council

Newcastle United Football Club

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